Viewing the Timeline

ProvisionPoint keeps an audit history of everything it does to a SharePoint site, right from it's creation.

View the Timeline

From a 'Site Info' page (see Viewing Site Information), click the Timeline link:

Here you'll see a visual representation of the audit history: 

Each entry in the Timeline tells you:

  • Who requested the action, and when
  • Details about what was requested
  • Any approval information related to the action (see below)
  • The status of the action (see below)

Viewing Approval Progress

If an action had to follow an approval process before it could be made, you'll see a button in the timeline entry:

 This will give you details about the approval process, whether it's still running or has completed (see Viewing Approval Progress).

Knowing the Status

Each action in the Timeline is given a status. We know what that status is by the colour of the icon.

Awaiting Process - either in the queue or going through an approval process:

Processing - currently being actioned:

Completed - the change has been made successfully:

Error - oops! Something went wrong trying to make the change. Speak to your admins:


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