Completing a Site Action

If you're responsible for a site, at some point you'll want to change something about it. Maybe you want to change the name, or share it with a colleague. Those are two examples of 'Actions'.

You'll find all the actions you can perform under the 'Actions' tab on the 'Site Info' screen (see - Viewing Site Information):

You may find that on some sites you are able to do more or less than others. Your administrators have decided that. Actions are divided into there groups - Content, Security and Advanced. Click the links to change the view:

Completing an Action
To complete an action, simply click on the action you want:

You'll then be asked to populate any relevant details. For instance, if you selected to update the Site Details, you'll be asked for a new name and description:

When you're happy, click Do it!

The action will be logged into the queue. If the action requires approval, the process will be kicked off, and relevant people will be asked to approve it.

You can check the status of any action by navigating to the 'Timeline' - see Viewing the Timeline.

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