Viewing Approval Progress

Have you requested something that requires approval? If so you'll want to be able to check what's happening to that process.

Finding an Approval Process
The best way to find an approval process you're interested in is via the 'Timeline' (see Viewing the Timeline).

From an entry in the Timeline you'll see if an approval process applies:

Click the View Approval Process button, and the page will slide across to show you what's going on:

Here you can see the details of the request along with a visual overview of the whole approval process. Each 'block' in the process represents a step - assigned to either an individual person or a group.

When a person has completed a step, you'll see who completed it, any comments they made as well as whether they approved or rejected it.

If you initiated the request then you'll be notified of the outcome of the process by email, so you don't have to keep checking things manually.

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