Permission Levels

Creating your Permission Levels is a common administrative task. However, in traditional SharePoint systems, they are limited to a Site Collection. If you've got lots of Site Collections and want to use a custom permission level, it can be a pain. ProvisionPoint makes things better.

Centralised Permission Levels

However big your SharePoint system is, you create Permission Levels once in ProvisionPoint. They can then be applied to any number of Service Definitions, and will be automatically deployed when they're first applied to a person or group. To discover how they relate to Service Definitions, see Setting Service Definition Security.

Adding your own Permission Level

Navigate to the 'Permission Levels' page (under Resources):

Navigate to the 'Custom' view to view and modify your own Permission Levels:

Here you'll be able to create a new permission level. Give it a name and click Add:

When you've added the level, it will be blank by default. To assign permission items to it, click the Edit (pencil icon):

Simply click all the applicable items, and Save the row. You can now use this Permission Level anywhere.

" about a single, centralised update of my permission level?"

Yep - that would be cool, it's on our list.

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