Managing the Job Queue

Every time ProvisionPoint makes a change to your SharePoint environment it does so through a job. Jobs can be tracked and retried in the case of an issue occurring between ProvisionPoint and your environment.

Viewing the Job Queue

The job queue will show you all the jobs waiting to be processed, or those currently in progress. This doesn't include those tasks waiting for approval - these are waiting to be actioned by the ProvisionPoint worker bots (see How does ProvisionPoint 'talk' to your SharePoint environment?).

If this queue is always long (over 10 items is pretty long) - let us know.

A spinning icon will indicate that ProvisionPoint is currently talking to SharePoint to action the job:

Retrying a Job

Sometimes a job might fail. They could fail for a number of reasons:

  • A change has happened directly in SharePoint of which ProvisionPoint is not aware (a clash condition, usually "xyz already exists...")
  • Connectivity issue ("The connection has timed out...")
  • Bug in ProvisionPoint. ("Object reference not set to an instance of an object...")

When a job fails, the Error Email address will be notified of the failure (set in the Service Definition -> Notification settings). The user will see a red icon in their timeline indicating a failure:

You can try and retry a job in ProvisionPoint using the Failed Jobs view at the bottom of the page. Here you should get some clue as to why the job failed. You can retry it by clicking the Replay icon next to it:


If a job continues to fail - please let us know.


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