8. Imposing a Lease

A common issue in large SharePoint environments is trying to keep the information relevant, and not allowing dead content to be kept forever. ProvisionPoint's lease feature helps to solve this problem.

What is a Lease?

A lease is a length of time from site creation until *something* happens with that site. What that *something* is, is up to you. When a new site is created, if a lease is active then a countdown begins. The user will see it in the Site Info screen:

Imposing a Lease

To impose a lease, navigate to the lease tab in the Service Definition:

Here you can switch a lease on or off:

NOTE: Changing the lease settings here will not affect any sites with existing leases set. Leases are set on site creation.

If you impose a lease, you then enter the number of days that lease will last.

Expiry Actions

When a lease expires, you can decide exactly what happens to the site. Depending on the type of site, you may want something different to happen. If it's a Project site, you might just want to strip out the permissions and mark it as 'Archived'. If, however, it's a Social site - you might just decide to delete it:


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