7. Automatically Adding Lists to New Sites

When working with SharePoint Site Templates, we often use them because we have a number of lists that we want created in every site. ProvisionPoint gives us the same option.

Adding Lists

To setup the lists that will be created with newly created sites within this Service Definition, navigate to the Lists tab:

Here you can enter a number of lists / libraries to be created with the site. For each you can select:

  • Title / Description. Name and description of the list.
  • List Template. SharePoint list template to base the list on. This list can include your own custom list templates that have been deployed to SharePoint already. You can add your custom lists in the 'List Templates' page (under Resources).
  • Content Approval. Whether or not the list / library has content approval turned on.
  • Versioning. Allows you to select None / Major / Major & Minor version settings.

What about content types, and more fine-grained details?

We know... that's why we're always working to make ProvisionPoint better. Check back here to see if and when we've updated the service. If you have any ideas, or suggestions - we'd love to hear them - info@ProvisionPoint.com.

For Instance...

Below we've added a few libraries and a calendar, with varying settings:

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