2. Decide where a Service Definition will Create Sites

Service Definitions can create sites anywhere you specify in your SharePoint environment.

Setting Site Creation Details

Navigate to the Service Definition you wish to manage. At the bottom of the 'Overview' screen, you'll see a section for managing the Creation Details:

Here you set 3 options:

1) Site Type. ProvisionPoint can create new Site Collections, or Sub Sites. To create new Site Collections, you'll need to specify the managed path or parent site URL the new sites will be  created under.

2) Managed Path / Parent URL. If you want to create Site Collections you'll need to have told ProvisionPoint about your Web Applications and Managed Paths - you can do that in the appropriate sections (under Resources). If you want ProvisionPoint to create new sub-sites, enter the full parent URL (like https://mycompany.sharepoint.com/sites/EMEA/Projects/) in this box.

3) Site Template. ProvisionPoint can create sites based on any SharePoint site template you have deployed in your environment. You can add your own in the 'Site Templates' section (under Resources). We've got all the standard SharePoint site templates listed here for you already.


Remember to click Save as you go along.


Now we have the main details set, we can set the security settings so our users can see and request the site.

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