Adding Existing Sites to ProvisionPoint

Now you've been working with ProvisionPoint, we hope you're finding it really useful and it's alleviating some of your administrative pain. If you are, you might wonder how you can apply the same administration capabilities to your existing SharePoint sites. The goes news is you can add pre-existing sites to ProvisionPoint.

It's (still) all about Service Definitions

Every site created through ProvisionPoint links back to a Service Definition. This is important, as Service Definitions define exactly how you want to manage your sites.

To add an existing site to ProvisionPoint you'll need 3 things:

1) At least one active Service Definition

2) ProvisionPoint integrated into your master page (see Integrating ProvisionPoint into the User Experience).

3) To be a ProvisionPoint App Administrator (see Setting ProvisionPoint Security)

Let's add it!

With a service definition ready, and ProvisionPoint integrated, you simply need to navigate to the SharePoint site you want to add. Click the 'P' icon in the top bar:


You'll notice that when ProvisionPoint opens within that site, it will tell you it's not a site it manages:

You'll also see a form which will:

  • Gather the relevant details about the site (name, description, url)
  • Allow you to select an appropriate Service Definition and initial Site Owner and add the site.


Simply fill in the details and click Add.


That's it! The site will be logged in the directory, and the Site Owner will be able to manage it as they would any other site.

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