Requesting a New Site

When you want a new SharePoint space to store your documents or ideas, you can request one from the Request tab in ProvisionPoint.

Requesting a Site

To request a site, navigate to the Request tab:


Here you'll see all the types of sites you can request. These have been built and shared by your administrators. If you don't see the one here that you want, have a word with them.

Click the type of site you'd like to create. The page will slide across to ask you for a title and (optional) description for the site. You don't have to worry where the site will be created, that's been decided for you. Fill in the details, and click Request:


Watching your Site be Created

You'll be automatically re-directed to the 'Sites I Manage' area of the Directory, where you'll see your new site:

If you wait on this page, you'll see a spinning icon appear next to your site, to indicate it's being created:

When it's created, you'll see a blue link button next to the name of the site, to allow you to navigate to your new site:


"I don't see a spinner or the blue link...what's going on?"

If you don't see anything next to the site for a little while, it's likely that the site is going through an approval process. Click Info to view the site information, then view the timeline to see the approval process details:

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