Viewing Site Information

ProvisionPoint keeps some information about SharePoint sites created though it. For each site, it knows:

  • Name
  • Description
  • URL
  • Site Owners
  • Action history (see Viewing the Timeline)

Viewing Site Info

You can see information about a site in two ways:

1) Navigate to the site you're interested in in SharePoint, and click the 'P' icon:

2) Open ProvisionPoint from any site, navigate to the Directory tab, and find the site in the directory. Then click Info next to the site you're interested in:

The Site Info page will show you the name and description of the site, as well as the responsible person(s) - see What's a Site Owner?

If the site is operating on a lease, it will have an expiry date, and a chart showing how many days of the lease have been used up so far:

From this page you can also access:


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