Using the Site Directory

The Site Directory provides a central, searchable list of all the sites we know about.

The 'All Sites' View

This is the default view of the directory, and is shared with all your colleagues. You'll see every site in the system here:



You can search the list by site name by beginning to type in the search filter box. The list will update as you type:


You can also filter by site type. This gives you an easy way to view all project sites, for instance:



The 'Sites I Manage' View

This view of the directory will show you all the sites where you have been designated a 'Site Owner' (see What's a Site Owner?). It gives you quick access to sites you're responsible for and are likely the most interested in.


You can search and filter this list the same as the 'All Sites' view.


Viewing Site Details

To view the details about a site within the directory, click the Info button next to it:

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