Master Pages

Branding a SharePoint system coherently and consistently can be a challenge. It's even trickier now in the cloud model, and making updates to branding resources can be pain. ProvisionPoint helps - it can automatically deploy master pages for us, when it creates our sites or when demanded by a user.

Centralised Master Pages

ProvisionPoint offers a central list of master pages. To view them and add your own, navigate to the 'Master Pages' page (under Resources):

Here you'll see two views - System and Custom:

In the 'System' view you'll see a few master pages offered by us at ProvisionPoint. These are currently based on the OOB SharePoint master pages, but with the ProvisionPoint 'P' icon pre-integrated for you (see Integrating ProvisionPoint into the User Experience). You can use these master pages anywhere, and we'll be adding to this list with some funky new master pages when we can :)

Adding your own Master Pages

To add your own, navigate to the 'Custom' view. Here you'll be able to add and edit master pages of your own. For each, you're asked to supply:

  • Name. Friendly name of the master page to be displayed to users.
  • Description. Tell the users and other admins what it's for.
  • Master Page. Actual .master file - limited to 100KB.
  • Thumbnail. To help the users visualise what they're getting - limited to 100KB.

You can use these master pages in your Service Definitions - see Setting the Look and Feel


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