First Activities in ProvisionPoint

Now that we've got ProvisionPoint installed, let's have a look at the first things we need to do before our users can start making the most of it. It's just 1, 2, 3...

1) Create a Service Definition. A Service Definition is like a really enhanced Site Template (see What is a Service Definition?). Almost everything in ProvisionPoint revolves around Service Definitions. They are what your users will request, and they are how you manage sites in bulk.

Follow the guide to create a Service Definition now ->

2) Create a Notification Template. This is so when your users receive emails from ProvisionPoint, they look like they've come from your company.

Follow the guide to create a Notification Template now ->

3) Give your users access. At the moment, only the administrators have access. To open up ProvisionPoint to all your users, you'll need to give them access.

Follow the guide to give your users access now ->

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