Setting ProvisionPoint Security

When you first get ProvisionPoint connected to your SharePoint environment, only the one administrative group you supply during the installation will be given access to it. When you've got things set up, you can manage this access for yourself.

Access Levels

There are 3 access levels to ProvisionPoint:

1) Licensed Users. These are the users of your company. They can view:

  • View site info
  • View the site directory
  • Request sites and be site owners

2) Service Definition Managers. These are likely in an IT / Business Analysis function. They can do everything a licensed user can do as well as:

  • Create and modify Service Definitions
  • Manage resources
  • Create and modify Approval Templates
  • Create and modify Notification Templates

3) App Managers. These users are administrators of ProvisionPoint, likely in an IT function. The can do everything above as well as:

  • Manage ProvisionPoint security
  • Manage the job queue
  • View + manage archived sites


Your licensing exposure for ProvisionPoint is the total number of unique users in the above 3 roles, combined. This means if members of your organisation will never user the ProvisionPoint features, you can exclude them from the groups above and avoid paying for licenses for them.

Setting Permissions

To allow users access to ProvisionPoint, navigate to the 'App Security' page in the Admin section:

You'll now see a list with 3 views representing the 3 roles described above. To add a group of users to one of the roles, start typing the group name in the box and select them from the suggestion box:

Access Denied

If you or your users see the sad cat page (awww... poor little guy...) when accessing ProvisionPoint, it's likely that their account is missing from one of the above roles.


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