Creating a Notification Template

There are lots of times users may receive notifications through ProvisionPoint, such as when they create a new site, an action completes or an approval task is assigned to them. We appreciate that your users will likely want to see these notifications branded appropriately to the company they work for - so ProvisionPoint allows you to create custom headers and footers for any notification sent through it.

Create a new Notification Template

To create a new notification template, navigate to the 'Notification Templates' page in the Admin section:

Here you'll see a list of standard ProvisionPoint notification templates, including some ProvisionPoint branding. Click the Custom link to view your company's notification templates:

To add your own template, enter a name for it and click Add:

Editing a Notification Template

Remember you can only edit the templates in the Custom view. To edit one, click the Manage button next to it in the list:

The page will slide across to allow you to edit this notification template.

Here you can enter text, reference images from the web, or even edit the HTML for the header and footer that will go into the emails sent with this notification template:

Remember to Save your changes.

You can reference this notification template in:

  • Any Service Definition
  • Any Approval Template


For Instance...

Based on the above example, your final email might look like this:

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