Creating an Approval Template

ProvisionPoint allows you to create clear, linear approval processes. It's not a workflow tool, so don't look for decision points or escalations - it's designed to be clear and easy. You can, however, apply different approval templates to every Service Definition as well as any action within - so your approvals can be heavily customised to suit you.

Creating an Approval Template

To view your existing approval templates, and create a new one - navigate to the 'Approval Templates' page in the admin section:

Here you'll see a list of all the existing approval templates. To create a new one, simply enter the name for it, enter it into the text box and click Add:


Editing an Approval Template

From the list of approval templates, click the Manage button against the one you want to edit. The page will slide across to allow you to build and manage that approval template:

Adding an Approval Step

An approval process can have as many steps as you like. To add a step, hover your mouse between the arrows and you'll see a + icon appear. Click that to add a step:


This will give you a new blank step. For each step, you must select:

  • Actor Type. This is either a user or an AD security group.
  • Name. Name of the user or security group. This will search against your Active Directory to find the user / group you want:


Removing an Approval Step

To remove a step, hover your mouse over the step. You'll see in the top-right corner of the step a trash can icon appears:

Simply click the icon, and then click Remove to confirm:


Activating an Approval Template

Just like Service Definitions, when you first create an approval template it will be inactive. Whilst it's inactive it won't appear in any Approval Template selection drop-downs.

To activate it, simply slide the switch at the top of the page across to Active:

When you activate it, some checks will be made to ensure you've got everything filled in correctly.


A note on changing approval templates

You may wonder what happens to existing, in-flight approval processes if you make a change to a template. The short answer is, nothing. Each in-flight process will continue down it's original path, and only new processes kicking off will use the new path.





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