6. Managing Service Definition Notifications

Each Service Definition can have its own notification settings. You can even turn them off altogether, if you don't want any emails.

Managing Notifications

To manage notifications, navigate to the 'Notifications' tab within the Service Definition you're editing:

Here you can choose to turn all notifications on or off:

Setting Email Addresses

If you choose to have automated notifications sent regarding the Service Definition, you can specify key email addresses to use. Enter one email address per field.

  • From Address. All emails relating to this Service Definition (such as when a new site has been created, expiry reminders etc), will be displayed to your users as being from this address. It should make them more comfortable with the email.
  • Admin Address. Email address for any administrators interested in this Service Definition. You can specify that they are kept informed about any new sites created from it, or any actions that occur in sites belonging to this Service Definition.
  • Error Address. If something goes wrong when creating a new site or performing an action, users at this email address can be notified that something bad has happened.

For Instance...

Once you've completed this section it may look something like:



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