5. Deciding what Site Owners can do

'Site Owners' are named users who are responsible for a particular site. You, as an administrator, can decide exactly what they are allowed to do per Service Definition.

Managing 'Actions'

Actions represent the different things users can do to a site using ProvisionPoint. To modify them, navigate to the Actions page within the Service Definition you're modifying:

The full list of possible actions is shown below:

  • Update Site Details. Allows a Site Owner to change the title or description of the site.
  • Change Site Security. Allows a Site Owner to modify the permissions applied to their site.
  • Change List Security. Allows a Site Owner to change the permissions applied to a list in their site.
  • Create List. Allows a Site Owner to create a new list in their site.
  • Activate/Deactivate a Feature. Allows a Site Owner to activate an available feature in the site, or deactivate an activated feature.
  • Change the Look. Allows a Site Owner to change the master page applied to their site.
  • Add a Site Owner. Allows a Site Owner to add other Site Owners.
  • Remove a Site Owner. Allows a Site Owner to remove a fellow Site Owner.
  • Create a Subsite. Allows a Site Owner to create a Subsite under their current site.
  • Extend the Lease. Allows a Site Owner to extend their lease in order to push back the expiry date (if there is an expiry date).

When you create a new Service Definition, all actions are automatically activated.

Activating / Deactivating an Action

Use the switch below an action to make it active or inactive:

Setting Notification & Approval Settings per Action

For each action, you decide on whether appropriate people are notified that it's happened, and whether or not an approval process must be followed before the action is processed.

When you activate an action, you'll see the following settings:

As shown above, you can set:

  • Approval Template. These are created and managed in the Approval Processes page within the Admin section. This means when a user attempts to perform this action through ProvisionPoint, the request will be pending until an approval process completes and the request is approved. If it's rejected, the action will not be carried out.
  • Notify Administrators. System administrators may want to be informed when something has happened within a site - perhaps particularly in security-related actions. If this option is set, an email will be sent to the Admin Email address (set within the Notification section of the Service Definition management page).
  • Notify Site Owners. Emails other Site Owners to keep them informed that something in their site has changed.
  • Notify Requestor. Emails the original requestor of the action to inform them of its success.
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