What is a Service Definition?

Whilst there's a lot going on in ProvisionPoint, almost everything revolves around 'Service Definitions'.

What is a Service Definition?

Think of a Service Definition as a much-enhanced SharePoint Site Template. Site Templates help you create consistent sites over and over again, but they have many limitations that Service Definitions do not.


You keep all your Service Definitions in one place, hosted in ProvisionPoint. You don't have to worry about .wsp files or deploying templates to site collections - we manage all of that for you.


Unlike SharePoint site templates, you can choose exactly who is allowed to create sites from a Service Definition. You can also specify security groups to add to any new sites created.

Look and Feel

You can specify different master pages for each Service Definition, and even optionally allow Site Owners to select another approved master page for their site.

Ongoing Management + Control

In a traditional SharePoint system, letting a user administer their own site can be dangerous. They may need lots of training and can still make serious mistakes. ProvisionPoint takes that problem away. When a new site is created, the requestor is added as a 'Site Owner'. You can decide exactly what Site Owners can do per Service Definition - without having to elevate their permissions in SharePoint.

Default Lists

Of course, it's possible to create new lists with any created site.


Unlike Site Templates, you can decide on any additional features to activate or de-activate when the site is created.


If the nature of the site is temporary, why not give it a Lease? Leases can be set at any length, and begin to count down when the site is created. Site Owners can be allowed to extend their own lease if you allow it. When the site expires, you can decide what happens to it.


Unlike Site Templates, new site requests can be pushed through simple, linear approval processes before the site is created. The process is shown visually to all users to keep them informed. You can also apply approval processes to any action a Site Owner performs through ProvisionPoint.


Clear enough? If you're not such a fan of words, but would rather sketch things on a whiteboard - check out our attempt...

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